Easton on the Hill: more walking pictures…

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Here we have a further set of pictures relating to the walk from Easton on the Hill, to the outer limits of Stamford, and then via a different route back again.

This set of pictures, and those that follow in the next article are kindly provided by Jon Brigland.

And if I may, I would encourage anyone with a camera to take photographs on the walk – they really do mean that we have a true record of what we got up to – a record I hope will be kept by members of the group for years to come.  One might even call it an archive if one was being pretentious, although of course I am not.

We have already looked at the gate of Gleve House which kindly tells passers by its particular issue of interest, so I will refer you back to the earlier post for the details of Captain Lancelot.

Instead I shall leap forward to the part of the walk as we approached Stamford whereupon someone, for reasons that did not become apparent as we walked by, has kindly decorated the bridge under which we walked.

And why not?


And then as you will know if you have been paying attention we approached Stamford with its multiple spires.

That was indeed where we took our rest for a few moments and I now leave you to ponder that, dear reader before venturing forth once more with the remainder of the walk, save to give a taster of what was to come…




This adventure reaches its rather exciting and unexpected conclusion in the final episode:

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