If you go ahead of the leader

By Tony Attwood

I have been asked by the committee to put up this reminder.

If you are on a walk with Peterborough Ramblers, then you are agreeing to walk behind the walk leader and ahead of the back marker.

If you feel that the walk is moving too slowly for your taste, or too fast because you would like to linger to take photographs, enjoy the view, or have a conversation with passers-by, then you are no longer part of the walk organised by the group.

Of course, we can’t stop you going your own way at your own speed – we’re all adults and everyone can do as they wish.  But the purpose of the Ramblers’ walks is that we walk as a group, following the direction determined by the leader, and at the pace the leader thinks is appropriate for the whole group.   And obviously, not everyone can walk at the same pace as everyone else, so that is taken into account.

If you do decide to branch out on your own, please do tell the leader before you leave, and please do note that in doing so, should anything untoward happen, you will no longer be covered by the Peterborough Ramblers insurance policy.  You are only insured on the walk if you are behind the leader and in front of the back marker.