The Milton Ferry Walk Part 2: A Joyful Conclusion

In my last post, I reported how an underground plot to overthrow the Peterborough and District Angling Association was brought to its knees by the valiant and selfless efforts of members of Peterborough Ramblers who uncovered the entire plot through due diligence and a couple of pints of Guinness.

I was of course asked to speak on various Radio 4 programmes on the BBC about this achievement, but sadly such was the nature of the dire plot that we uncovered, it was felt by Military Intelligence to be too sensitive for discussion and thus I had to turn down the invitations.

But if you are one of those people “in the know” as we secret service people are prone to say, you will find the details of what happened next in today’s pictures, which take us from the end of the walk and onto the fish and chip

celebration thereafter.

I sadly was unable to be there as I was at the time helping the police with their inquiries and it was only thanks to the diligence of Jonathon that we have any record of the day at all.

Now it has been put to me that at the supper that followed coded messages were exchanged but to this I can only say “tish” and “tosh”.  Whoever heard of such nonsense?

I am just deeply saddened that I could not be there myself having had such a jolly time at the event last year, but I am now endeavoring to sort out my dairy (in which the cows are protesting) and indeed my diary to ensure I miss no more.

I can therefore assure one and all that every effort will be made in forthcoming walks for what one might call a more personal and perhaps intimate account account of all that transpired.

But for now you may gaze upon the celebratory merriment of all who made it to supper, secure once more in the knowledge that our democracy had been defended and those who would undermine our entire civilization have once more been put to the sword.

I have, as you may have heard, written to His Majesty to point out the valiant work done by Peterborough Ramblers in defending our nation and two officers of the law did come round to visit me.

They were most kind, asking me in loud voices and slow speech if I was all right, and whether there was anyone they should call, but I assured them that no, I had done my duty, written up my reports and ensured that the realm was safe.  His Majesty, I told them, could rest easy in his bed, or on the sofa, or indeed wherever else he chooses to take a nap.

And thus we have it.  Another fish and chip supper was had and enjoyed by all.

I look forward to seeing everyone very soon whereupon you can tell me how much you have enjoyed these reports of late, and I will say, “Oh it was nothing, really,” and “Perhaps someone else would like to write up next week’s adventures.”

We are, as I understand it walking from Haddon wherein I am told… but no perhaps I should not reveal everything.

Save to say Haddon was listed in the Domesday Book as “Adone”.  Just in case the signposts haven’t been updated yet.

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