Month: April 2023

27 April 2023: The Benefield Walk in pictures and words

Photographs by Simon Bradford; commentary by Sir Hardly Anyone. It is of course well recognised that countryside walks can take in all sorts of unusual and unexpected landscapes and so it was that on our walk of 27 April 2023 we found at our starting point a new Elon...
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Sawtry: the “great surprises” report

Pictures and rambling comments by Tony Attwood.  Readers seeking a semblance of reality have probably come to the wrong place and might be better served by clicking here. Thus and so, on 13 April, we gathered, and as ever the first activity was what is now affectionately known as...
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The (diverted) Sawtry walk: pictures from Janet Martyr

Commentary by Tony Attwood And may I say immediately that I am absolutely delighted to have a set of pictures from Janet for the second time on a walk.  They are a really good set of memories from what was an excellent afternoon out on 13 April 2023. If...
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