Group walk risk assessment form


Every walk is different, so complete a risk assessment for each one you lead to help you plan and make a note of the steps you are taking to keep walkers safe. After a walk, risk assessments should be sent to Jane Hogg email to: or 07572617587,  to be stored for three years.

In terms of practicalities I don’t have the technology to turn what follows into a page that can be filled in and automatically returned, so the best approach is to copy the whole page by swiping it with the mouse, and then paste it (Ctrl C on a PC computer) into Word or a similar program.  You can of course also just print the page out and fill it in with a pen in the traditional manner.  I hope you find this helpful.

Tony Attwood



Who is leading the walk?   Name: Group:


Dates (DD/MM/YY)   Walk: Risk assessment: Recce:




Make a note of any hazards to walkers or others on your route


Tick the boxes that apply and add any others – you don’t need to tick every box.


What is the forecasted weather? Is there any danger of extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall or other severe weather events?

Check the weather forecast and postpone/cancel if necessary
Advise walkers to bring suitable clothing and items for the conditions
Make a note of ‘escape routes’ on the recce








Do you need to cross or walk along a road? Are there any level crossings?

Check for suitable crossing places on the recce
Communicate clearly with the group on the day
Maintain single file on any road sections






Path surface and obstacles

Are there hazards such as slippery paths, loose rocks, stiles, fallen trees, steep drops?

Check for hazards on the recce and adapt the route if needed
Provide clear information to walkers beforehand
Advise walkers to bring suitable footwear for the conditions








Will you pass livestock? Is there any danger of ticks or bites/stings?

Let walkers know to cross fields with livestock calmly and quietly, keeping the group together. Be prepared to divert if needed
Leave gates and property as you find them
Advise walkers to check for ticks and remove promptly if found








Is there a chance you could get lost, lose touch with walkers, lose visibility or phone signal?

Recce the route in advance
Pre-register phone with 999 emergency text service
Let somebody know your plans and the time you expect to be back






Add any other hazards on your walk here.

Follow any national or local Covid-19 restrictions


If you have any questions about Ramblers group walks, please get in touch: