Not storms, not torrents, not earthquakes, not volcanoes…. nothing stops Peterborough Ramblers

Pictures from Janet Martyr, Commetary from Stormy Weighs

The Longthorpe Walk was advertised as “Leisurely” and I am currently just checking with our legal department  to ensure that we are covered if the Advertising Standards Authority seeks to explore our use of that word.

But yes as you look at this picture at least two of the party are bare headed and one actually has a coat open.  What daredevils eh?

But there was a sense of water upon the ground as the ensemble gathered by the church, but surely the Almighty did not seek revenge upon his chosen flock of walkers…

No assuredly not for all were armed (or should that be legged) with stout wellingtons and walking boots, and smiles there were a-plenty.

What possibly could go wrong? And indeed the only answer there could be was nothing, for we are forsooth the famed Peterborough Ramblers and even the Almighty thinks twice when contemplating interfering with our Thursday Walk.

Indeed the first recorded Thursday Walk was reported to have taken place in 1000 AD which historians will know as slap bang in the middle of Dark Ages.   But even then we ventured forth and thus we did again here, although it must be admitted that after a while capes and other headgear was added to the coverings.

And with just six jaunty souls in the ensemble plus the leader there was indeed little call for a back marker for no one was going to slip behind in such mud on the tracks.

Then, as if to prove this was your real walking and not some sort of invented hybrid activity pictures were taken from what the photographic community call (I believe) behind, although I feel I have also on occasion heard it called the aftermath.

But look closely at how the band strides onward without a care, without thought for their own personal safety, and indeed without worry about the end of the world being nigh and this being the second flood as promised.

No there was none of that, for had anyone decided to turn back they would of course have bumped into our photographer, and if you have ever bumped into a photographer you will know that is not something to be taken lightly.  (Those cameras are certainly pesky objects.)

But indeed no such meandering or dillying or dallying was to be permitted thereforth  upon  this walk, for as one can see the guards were out.   Small they might appear.  Lacking in moral fibre one might think.  But these little beasts lurking at the feet of the trees are there for one purpose only: to stop all malingering.   They watch, they observe, they call, and within seconds, anyone not close to the main party is in trouble, I can tell you.

Also this chap looks small he was in fact 12 feet tall – it is just a matter of photographic perspective so don’t be misled.  Oh dear me no.

Anyway, back to the walk.

Fortunately nay sayers are there none on these escapades and no one was out there asking if this was indeed the right track and were we nearly there?

No, forsooth, the way was marked and the way was clear and our troops were indeed up the right road.  Civilisation, it was promised was not more than another 15 miles away, and indeed according to this map, had been turned into a fortress. complete with boundaries.

“But where are our homes?” cried members of the merry band, “What has happened in our absence?” but all were reassured by the masterly team leader, and calm was restored.

Eventually, the leader of the “others” who control this wet land did emerge, although of course not in person, for that would be most unbecoming, but in an effigy looking out and taking notes (although the actual note taking was not, on this occasion actually witnessed_.

But yes there can be no doubt at all the Guardian of the Wetlands was there looking down, and I believe several of the party noticed a slight nod and even a wink to acknowledge that while many others who passed this way were not welcome, the Venerable Company of the Ramblers of Peterborough, of whom it has been said, would always be well received, although it also always probably be raining.

And so there we are, that was it, the troops ventured forth and returned.

Woe betide anyone who would dare say otherwise.


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