Notes for walk leaders


You are reminded that you should adhere to the guidance given in the Walk Leader’s Checklist. If you do not yet have a copy, please request it from the Group Secretary/Membership Secretary. Some important points are given below. Please make sure you also follow the guidance issued in relation to planning and leading walks whilst coronavirus is a widespread within the community. This includes recording risk assessments and maintaining registers, to ensure walks are both Covid-19 safe and enjoyable for all. Check the national guidance on the Ramblers website if you are uncertain, and contact the Group Secretary if you do not have the necessary local documents.

A leader is able to listen well and is a good communicator with both the group and the backmarker. He/she has the navigation skills for the grade of walk; is friendly and welcoming; is able to be assertive without being rude; and is observant of the group, the environment and any risks.

Do please recce the route in advance, preferably with your backmarker. Check the weather forecast and take a charged phone, first aid kit and whistle with you. Arrive at the starting point early, brief your backmarker if necessary, know who is starting the walk and give an overview before you set off. Set a pace to suit the group, stay in sight of or communication with your backmarker, allow time to regroup, and be alert to any problems.

At the end of the walk, check that everyone has returned safely, report any path or access issues and report any incidents/near misses to Ramblers GB on an Incident Report Form (see separate entry below).


If you are undertaking any work on behalf of the Ramblers, travelling costs can be reimbursed. 28p per mile can be claimed for car use; bus or train fares can also be claimed. Work for the Ramblers includes recce of a walk, attending group or area meetings, footpath work. Money can be claimed from your group treasurer. Please check with them what evidence they will require for audit purposes.


Accidents are infrequent but leaders need to know what to do if one occurs. If the walk has to be abandoned, someone must look after the main group whilst others look after the sick or injured person.

If help has to be summoned, first make a careful note of the exact location. At least one person should stay with the injured person while at least two people go for help. The leader (or someone nominated by the leader) should note what has happened for the Accident Report.

As soon as practicable after the end of the walk, the Accident Report should be written up. Don’t forget date, time and location, plus your signature as walk leader. Format is not important. This must then be sent to the Group Secretary, who will add it to the accident records.

If the walking surface, a structure such as a bridge or stile, or obstructions such as barbed wire may be held responsible, the Group Secretary will send a copy to the Group Footpath Officer, who will forward it to the relevant authority.


If you find problems on public footpaths in the Peterborough area, please report them to Peterborough City Council by phone on 01733 747474, or email, subject line “Please pass on to the Rights of Way Officer” and let your Group Footpath Secretary know about it.


Walk leaders need to be aware of and formally file a report on any incident or near miss involving a third party person or property. This is necessary to ensure that Ramblers GB are advised on any potential insurance claim.


The booklet includes postcodes in the descriptions to aid drivers using sat-nav devices. We hope you find this information helpful. Please note that these postcodes are only approximate. Generally they are taken from a nearby pub, church or village hall – but a lay-by in the middle of nowhere may have no such convenient reference point. No liability is, therefore, held for any inaccuracies.