Month: August 2022

Barrowden to Fineshade Woods walk in picture August 2022

A lovely walk starting at Barrowden up to Fineshade Woods and back via Wakerley Woods was enjoyed by 14 ramblers. The woods provided welcome shade along the 9 mile walk and many enjoyed a well earned drink after at the pub on Barrowden Green. Pictures from Dawn Sadler...
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The Ashley Walk in pictures

Sunday’s walk (31 July) took us to Ashley, a picturesque village with an impressive Grade 1 listed church and a designated conservation area with 31 listed buildings, set in the Welland Valley. The hilly route with massive fields full of standing corn, took us through the villages of Wilbarsyon...
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The Upwood Walk in pictures

There is indeed a theme in these pictures, and that is the theme of a lack of rain. There may be a fair degree of cloud cover but if (as I very much hope) Ramblers yet to come, return to these pages in times future, they will begin to...
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