About this website (and how to contribute)

The Peterborough Ramblers website


This website is run by and for the Peterborough Ramblers group, and there are no limitations or restrictions put on what we can put on the site beyond the obvious ones of relevance and good taste.   The aims are simple:

  1. To have an on-line forum through which everyone can be kept informed of forthcoming events
  2. To provide a permanent record of past events in which members of the group have been engaged
  3. To provide more general information about rambling, and links to other relevant sites.

The day to day running of the site is in the hands of Committee Member Tony Attwood, who welcomes contributions from all members of Peterborough Ramblers, by email to Tony@schools.co.uk   Any member who has an idea for an article or other feature on the site, or indeed has one written and ready for publication should get in touch with Tony at this email address.   Articles should be written as Word documents, and pictures attached as individual JPEG files.

The walks, the photographs and the commentary

Various members of the group take photographs of our walks (we have no formal designated photographer) and where these are forwarded to Tony then they are normally used on the website as a record of the walk.  Each new set of photographs is listed on the home page of the site given above) with a link to the new article, and there is also an index of past walks on the site.

It is assumed that any photographs provided to Tony are provided with the intention that they are to be published – but if sending them please do add the name and date of the walk and the name of the photographer so that due credit and thanks can be given.

We also regularly invite walk leaders (or anyone else on the walk) to write a description of the walk to go alongside the photographs, but as this rarely happens, Tony does sometimes compose a rather fanciful piece concerning the walk and photographs.  However, if you provide photographs and do not want such a commentary added please do either provide your own commentary, or a note saying “please publish pictures without commentary” along with the photographs.

Further innovations on the website

The website currently receives around 83,000 visits a year, with this number continuing to rise, and is thus clearly seen by many people who are not members, and many who are outside our area.

Our view is that this is a very positive element of Peterborough Ramblers in helping to secure the club’s continuing growth, and in keeping a record of the many diverse activities the group is involved in as well as publicising both the nature of what the group does, and hopefully expressing the general good-natured and relaxed atmosphere of all that we do.   If you have any suggestions for further innovation or changes please do write to Tony@schools.co.uk with the details.

Tony Attwood