The Castor Walk 28 December: floods ahead!

Pictures and commentary by Jackie Markley
Only two pictures were taken, unfortunately, and the top one should have been a sign of what lay ahead!
This was taken up from the lock to Alwalton village. Then all ten of us went back down the other side to the river and rather a large puddle stopped our tracks, (at which point unfortunately I forgot to take a photo)
But the fact was the path had disappeared and only water in sight.
At this point plan B came in handy although added between a quarter and half a mile to the walk.
The strong breeze eased but the rain decided to pay a visit.  Some fellow walkers wondered if we would get back by dark- I assured them we would (secretly thinking “I hope so”).
And we did: we made it back 3.50pm; 5.5miles done with clean boots but some of us had wet clothes.
An index to all the walks from which we have reports and photographs appears on the home page.

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