Join us for a walk

If you have not walked with us before, you will find that we are a sociable lot, but never interfere if you prefer to have thinking time to yourself.

There is the opportunity to make new friends, who offer generous support if the occasion arises. You will discover how walking boosts your health, also how it always leaves you in a better mood at the end of the walk than when you started! This turns beneficial exercise into an activity that is eagerly anticipated and helps offset the immediate physical effects. Non-members are welcome to join us but if they wish to continue to walk with us they will be expected to join the Ramblers after 2 or 3 walks.

What we offer…

Sunday Walkers: We meet fortnightly on Sundays throughout the year for circular walks of 7 to 12 miles. Bring along a packed lunch and a drink.

Bus Walks: These walks are mainly linear and aimed at those without a car. Car drivers may, of course, join us if they can work out how that suits them. Part of the experience is, though, travelling out and back together. Our walks may involve ‘sightseeing’ of buildings/wildlife, or a convenient hostelry… and we normally bring a picnic lunch. Families are welcome.

Thursday Walkers: Our aim is to offer a programme of weekly circular walks of around 5 miles. We enjoy ‘leisurely’ walks, but they are more demanding than mere ambles, so a certain level of fitness is required. We start our walks promptly at the published time. Please park sensibly in and around the villages.ONLY REGISTERED ASSISTANCE DOGS PERMITTED ON OUR WALKS. 

Note: Please contact the walk leader (name and telephone number is given with the details of the walk) if you have any questions.   See below

Please note that walks may be cancelled at short notice due to very bad weather. Always contact the walk leader if conditions are doubtful, as the leaders will not risk unnecessary danger for the trip to the start of the walk as well as for the walk itself.

If you would like to join us for a walk either as a registered member of Peterborough Ramblers or if joining us for the first time, you must contact the leader (as listed on the forthcoming walks page) first of all.  Bookings open at 9am six days before the walk.

Please note that walks are normally limited to 30 people, although this may be varied up or down by the walk leader depending on the terrain, number of styles etc etc.  

Also please note that walks do start dead on time.  This is to ensure walks in winter are concluded in the hours of daylight – but the rule of starting exactly at the allotted time applies throughout the year.

There is no need to join the Ramblers at this point, but if you enjoy walking with us, then after a couple of walks we would hope that you would join the Ramblers which you can do on this page

You can contact Peterborough Ramblers via our group secretary Jane, by email at, and we would ask that you do this before attending your first walk with us.