Treasurer’s Report 2022/23



Peterborough Ramblers financial information 2022/23

Report by Katy Brown

We operate as a Group delivering the charitable objectives of the Ramblers locally.

Much of this work is carried out voluntarily and at no cost to the Ramblers, however, some Group activity requires expenditure to be incurred such as printing walk programmes, walk related expenditure, and AGM costs.   For example, walk leaders may claim recce costs at 45p per mile.

The role of the Treasurer is to carry out all financial administration for the Group and report on the financial activity to the committee.

We aim to keep our reserves at an appropriate level so we do not request too high a budget from Head Office. A new initiative this year is the “Don’t Lose Your Way” budget, which we have requested to assist with stationery, postage, printing and travel expenses related to this important project.

These funds are restricted and may only be used for Don’t Lose Your Way purposes and as such are recorded separately in the accounts.

The Treasurer’s Report is produced roughly quarterly in time for committee meetings and annually for the AGM, and if any member would like a copy, please email or phone 07969 362961.