Month: June 2023

The Surfleet Walk from a different artistic perspective

Those who take photographs (or what the less well- educated folk call “snaps”) are of course artists, and need to be recognised exactly as such, as they measure up the distance, consider the light, establish the reflective qualities any water appearing in the illustration may possess, peruse the horizon,...
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The Surfleet Walk. 8 June 2023 in pictures (with added words)

Picture by Simon Bradford.  Commentary not by Simon Bradford. For reasons that will not become apparent at this time, I don’t actually live in the districts walked by Peterborough Ramblers, and thus on occasion when the walks are what we geographers call “too far east” I offer my apologies...
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The Elton nobody knew (the 1 June 2023 walk in pics and words)

  Pictures by Tom Dolby and Tony Attwood, wild ramblings of no consequence by Tony Attwood In 1085, William the Conqueror stated that he wanted to know what was what, and indeed what wasn’t, and so sent out his jolly band of ne’re do wells to record the details...
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