Club Officers 2022/3

Peterborough Ramblers: Club officers 2022.

Chair: Barry Creamer

My wife Ann and I rejoined the Ramblers over 20 years ago; I have been chair for the last three years with the aim of making the group ever more welcoming and more open to its members.

We’re clearly all here because we love walking with others, and we value access and the preservation of the countryside and we will continue to support Ramblers GB aims and objectives with their local and national campaigns.

My task as chair is to give every opportunity to the membership to explore these values, to have every possible opportunity to walk with like-minded people.

I was introduced to walking/trekking when, with a work colleague, we completed for charity the Pennine Way 1991, and subsequently the Three Peaks Challenge (also for charity).   Once my interest was captured mountain trekking followed with trips to the Alps, Andes, Atlas and Himalaya mountains. Now at my age of 70 plus I am happy now to walk five miles with the Thursday Strollers.

Group Secretary:  Jane Hogg

Contact Jane for printed copies of any Peterborough Ramblers walks documentation, including the current walks programme, risk assessment, registration and walk leaders checklist forms. Jane maintains the email register so contact her at this address to be put on the Peterborough Ramblers mailing list.

Footpath Secretary: Simon Bradford

The role of the Footpath Secretary involves…

  • Assessing and responding to proposals to change the path network,
  • Working with other volunteers and Ramblers’ offices when necessary, and deciding the organisation’s response
  • Representing the Ramblers at meetings and public events in our local area
  • Working with the rights of way volunteers across the area and its groups
  • Keeping up to date with legal and policy information about paths and planning issues nationally as well as in our local area
  • Representing the Ramblers’ group on rights of way issues with the local authorities as required
  • Checking and assessing local paths, reporting any issues

Treasurer – Katy Brown

My role is to carry out all financial administration for the Peterborough Ramblers Group. This includes the recording of income and expenditure, reporting on financial activity to the committee and to central office, anticipating future funding needs and monitoring bank accounts and reserves.

Media Officer – Tony Attwood

I’ve been given free rein to find ways of ensuring that Peterborough Ramblers can not only communicate effectively within membership but also that our “voice” can be heard elsewhere, with particular reference to making it as easy as possible for anyone looking for a walking group within our area, to find us.

In this regard, I’ve taken on the idea of creating a record of what we do which is available to everyone via the pictures and reports on the site:

Indeed because of the way members have welcomed the website, we’ve quickly risen up the search engine rankings, which of course has helped our membership recruitment.

The idea is also that whenever we are talking with a prospective member, we can readily show what we get up to, in pictures and words, by once again referring to the website.

The website of course doesn’t have to be the only avenue for increasing public awareness of Peterborough Ramblers, and I’d be really happy to discuss other ways of increasing our membership and sharing details of what we do week by week.