The Stilton walk; there was no fromage but there is a quiz (with answers)

This week, our photographic record of the walk comes complete with questions.   A set of answers is to be found below but they are jumbled up.  Can you put the right question with the wrong answer?

Question zero: Where is the cheese?

Question 1: How many cows are in the next field and why not?








Question 2: What does it say on the gate and what amusing proverb does it transmute into when read upside down?





Question 3: What is this building and what extraordinary event occurred here in 1314?  (Which is to say, just after lunch)





Question 4: Name a local building company famous for its “natural collapsed” look



Question 5: This rather fine creature was elected MP for part of western Derbyshire in 2012.  But what part?






Question 6: how many brontosauruses  does it take to make a roof?  And if so what is the correct plural?





Answers: (but please no cheating).

0: Yes, but not on Good Friday

1: It was rumoured that the Duke of Cumberland did, but his house keeper fervently denied it

2: “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” (William Blake)

3: Thursday

4: There was a rumour in the 20th century that Elvis Presley was not dead at all but alive and living in Penzance and this was ultimately found to be true.  A public holiday was called for the entire country, except Penzance where a national day of mourning is celebrated every fifth year.

5: Music is Love (David Crosby)

6: According to the most recent vote on the subject, the phrase “This Corporate Plan sets out the clear vision for the County of Rutland for the period 2023/2053”.

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