The Christmas Meal 2022 – in pictures!


Exclusive!  First pictorial account of this year’s Peterborough Ramblers Christmas Meal!


Ramblingly inaccurate text by Tony accurate pictorial recording of events by Simon.

As a relative newcomer to the world of rambling this was only my second Xmas party, and exactly as one year before, it was enormously enjoyable.  Indeed so enjoyable that a small ensemble of us were left as the staff looked on woefully wondering if indeed we were ever going to leave.  Which we did eventually after a quick dance demonstration, and that is what you miss by leaving early!

But I would say as a relative newcomer to the group, how much I enjoyed it.  A chance to chat with those with whom I often don’t get a chance to talk for more than a second or three.

There was of course also the well-established “let’s have a laugh at Tony’s expense” moment when your correspondent was nominated to be the first of the late stayers out of the car park, and thus the first person who would have to enter the code into the electronic barrier.   But I fooled these ne’er-do-wells and nay-sayers by scratching the code onto my dashboard and then with the aid of a hurricane lamp reading the number as I approached the way out.  So no laughing at yours truly this time, and the repairs to the driver’s side of my car have been estimated at under £2000, so quite an improvement on last year.

To everyone who was involved in arranging the occasion thank you so much for your work.  To everyone who was there, it was lovely to see you sans les bottes de marche as they say in foreign parts, and all being well I hope to be there next year once again.

Thank you to Simon for the pictures – there may be some others to present anon, but for now I would add with a special word of thanks to Joyce – my unexpecting impromptu dance partner at the end.

Thank you Peterborough Ramblers all.  It was brilliant.   As the whole year has been.

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