Map familiarisation course: 5 July 2023

Map familiarisation course: Wednesday 5 July 2023 from 1.30pm to 5pm.
I am organising a map familiarisation course for members of Peterborough Ramblers on Wednesday 5 July from 1.30pm to 5pm.  It will take place in the meeting room in Bretton library. The maximum number is 12.  It will be free to attend.
The Peterborough Ramblers group committee have agreed to fund the cost of the room hire.
The purpose of the course is to give a basic knowledge and understanding of the OS Explorer map, enabling one to gain the confidence to use the map to be able to plan and lead a walk in the Peterborough area, specifically aimed at those who would like to lead a walk but are unsure how to use a map. There is no compass work and the course will last approximately 3.5 hours.
Participants will need to have a reasonably up to date Explorer map, sheet 227. One between two is how we will work, also allowing pairs to work together and because of space on tables.
There is absolutely no pressure on participants, who are encouraged to ask questions as we go along. There are no scheduled breaks but participants are free to pause as required.
The course is in three parts:
1.  An overview of the map leading to an understanding of all the dots and lines and squiggles.
2.  How to understand and plot a grid reference.
3.  Some exercises utilising the knowledge gained, taken at your own pace with no pressure!
So join in with a friend perhaps and be confident to sign up to lead a walk in future. Experienced walkers are always available to mentor and answer any questions.
Stewart Wylie

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