Month: May 2024

Easton on the Hill part 2: new habitation and ancient desertion

Photos and ramblings by Tony Attwood In my previous illustrated review of the Easton on the Hill walk published on 22 May I hopefully gave you an insight into the countryside upon which our merry band progressed on that venerable day in the year 2024 (or last Thursday as...
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Peterborough Ramblers venture forth: 22 May 2024

    Eastton on the Hill is a truly remarkable place, not least for its name.  East of town … but from where?  Or from whence?   We are not told! Easton on the Hill is thus a village on the very edge.   In this case the very edge of...
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The extraordinary Rhyhall walk 16 May 2024. Part the second

  By Tony Attwood Pictures and commentary by one who got rather carried away with the whole notion of being on a walk for the first time in quite a while.   Part one of this remarkable series is here.   You will be pleased to learn there is NO part...
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