More Fotheringhay pictures November 2023

Pictures by Janet Martyr, comments by Tony Attwood

Earlier pictures from this November 2023 walk can be found here

I have to say I am absolutely delighted that my pleas for fellow walkers with a camera phone or indeed a camera to take pictures of the society’s walks, has been answered.

Delighted not just because we each of us reflect on the walk in our own way, but because with more people taking pictures the more walks are going to be recorded, and the more memories held for posterity.

And that is what this site is all about.

Our first walk recorded on this site was the Helpston Walk in July 2021.   I’ve just gone back and had a look, and I must admit it brings back memories including elements of that walk I had totally forgotten.  If you want to find it just click here.

And the only reason you’ve got my commentary again is because I haven’t had one added for this group of pictures… and, the reality is that more people look at the pictures if there is a commentary – even if it is a load of old nonsense written by yours truly.

And if you want to find other walks on this site just scroll down on the site and look at the right side of the page – you’ll find links taking you right back to July 2021.

So this site is not just about seeing pictures from a walk that we’ve just had, for it is also a question of having a record of our walks, for the future.  Indeed as one who has only been Rambling for three years, I would really love to see pictures of walks from 10 or more years ago.   So if by chance you have pictures from earlier walks stored on a digital camera or memory stick which you would be willing to share, please email them with details to…

And of course we are recording the walks as they really are – in this case in the rain and mud.   For me that’s how it goes (and it wasn’t the rain that kept me away this time, honest!)

The point is that we are not looking for photographs from professional photographers,  although when some of those come along, that’s great.  But rather a record for ourselves and for potential members and future members, of what this is all about.

I will leave you now to enjoy the rest of these pictures from this November 2023 walk, but I do hope you might find the time and inclination to take your camera or phone with you on a walk and takes some pictures.   Just for the record.




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