The Wadenhoe Walk in words and pictures

On November 4th we started our walk from Wadenhoe, a popular area for Ramblers (and all but one found a suitable parking place avoiding the new parking fees).

The route took us through some woods; it had been very stormy the previous days and we were very lucky to find only one just broken branch that required a short detour.

We then walked towards Lyveden New Bield, very apt on the day before Guy Fawkes day as the son of the builder of the house and grounds was implicated in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

We returned along the Lyveden Way, through more woods and grazing fields back to our starting point and all enjoyed this 2.5 hour stroll in very windy but nontheless lovely weather.

Below is part one of Simon Bradford’s photographic collection from the day.  Part two of the photographic record is here – and if we had any other photographers on this, or any other walk, please, please do send your pictures to for inclusion on the site.








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