The Fotheringhay Walk November 2023



Commentary and pictures from Jackie Markley

Forecast rain and windy but this did not stop six hardy walkers today.

No rain just before start so the question was to wear over-trousers or not, the latter was the choice of most.  The heavens opened so this was a wise decision.
Off we set wading through the puddles and mud- all the things we were told not to do as a child enjoying every minute as we went along.
Head wind going up to Woodnewton planned for the return journey! But the rain now had turned to a very light drizzle and the decision was to give the road up to the church a miss today, one member looking puzzled when the church was mentioned and asked why are we going up to the church!
On we walked, the leader nearly taking us into the sewage factory but the smell deterred us.
Walk over and a few muddy boots but all returned happily to our cars with smiling faces, and dry with
our perfect kit of waterproofs and boots.  Let’s hope a few more turn up for the next thoroughly enjoyable walk.
Editor’s note: I was one of those who looked at the weather and very feebly decided not to go, and it looks as if I missed a good one.  But I have found from our archives a picture of the aforementioned church taken on a previous walk, so I can add this to the file, although it is somewhat inaccurate from the point of view of the weather.



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