Peterborough Ramblers Committee Meeting… 4 May 2023

Peterborough Ramblers Committee Meetings

Do you ever wonder what your committee does?  We aim to give you a summary of each meeting on our website from now on.  If you would like to see the full minutes please contact Jane Hogg on

At our last meeting on Saturday 18th March 2023 Simon Bradford, Footpath Officer, told us of several developments.  He is now registered as an official contributor to the Mallard Pass Enquiry, where a proposed solar farm will affect existing footpaths.

Simon is also working with Stewart Wylie on the Don’t Lost Your Way project.  They have identified two local paths which could lead to the creation of new circular walks.  Watch out for more developments as this is a very detailed and painstaking process.

Treasurer Katy Brown was able to tell us that our finances are in good shape.  So we are happy not only to pay for themed items for Barbara’s planned Coronation Walk on Thursday 4th May, but also to provide a Map Familiarisation Course at Bretton Library on Wednesday 5th July from 1.30pm.

We are also looking at offering the chance to buy T-shirts, sweaters etc with our own logo and will let members buy direct from the provider as it does not need to be a money-raiser.  More to come on this later!

At every meeting committee members provide an update on their duties, so there are many more things I could tell you about.  We learn how many members we currently have (161); what progress is being made by our excellent ex-officio organisers on the next walks programme, what the plans are for the next social events and we discuss issues raised by members (how to attract new walk leaders is a burning issue at the moment.)

So request your copy of the minutes now, or better still, volunteer to be on the committee yourself.  We’d love to see you!


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