Peterborough Ramblers research programme

By Tony Attwood

As media officer for Peterborough Ramblers, part of my job is to publicise our group, so that those people who don’t walk with us but might like to do so, can readily discover the sort of walks we do.

Obviously, this website is part of that process of telling both members and non-members what walks are forthcoming as well as recording details of what we have done in the past.

The site is raising our profile, I believe, and over 4000 people have looked at our site since it was started, with the number of hits we get on the site continuing to rise.

But I am keen that on the one hand, we don’t get too complacent thinking that we already have enough members, and on the other hand, we don’t end up attracting too many people on to walks, and then start turning them away because we have a limited number of places on each walk.

To help me do this I would like to gather details of the number of people who book into each walk, and the number who turn up and walk.  Thus I am inviting walk leaders to drop me either an email or a text message after each walk telling me

  • The name and date of the walk
  • The number of people booked in
  • The number of people who walked

My interest is entirely in working out whether we should be seeking new members, or whether what we are already doing in terms of publicity is enough to keep the group ticking over at its current level.

I’m not intending to use the data for any reason other than this and I’m not going to start releasing league tables of the number of people on walks or anything like that.  I just need a little more information on the numbers walking to help me decide how to take this website forward, and whether I should be engaging in any other promotional activity.

If you are leading a walk I would be glad if, after the walk, you could either text me on 07714 76 2250 or email me at    In either case I would like to receive

a) the name of the walk

b) the date of the walk

c) the number who booked in

d) the number who actually walked.

e) your name, so I know who has been kind enough to help in this little project.

If you want to discuss anything in this little project please do call me on the above mobile number (I’m generally available through the working day or will call you back if I’m busy) or text me or email me on    I often do the Thursday pm we walk so by all means have a chat on the walk.  In winter I walk in a red coat, in summer in a tee shirt with a silly slogan on the front.

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