A warm welcome to Peterborough Ramblers

Forthcoming walks news

Time change: The 11 August walk has been moved to a morning walk.   Please see here.

The forthcoming walks are listed here

Date & time changes: The walk on 11 August has a changed starting time.  See link above.  The walk scheduled for Sunday 9th October will now be on Sunday 11th September and the walk scheduled for 11th September will be on 9th October. The walk details remain the same.

What we do and how we do it

We organise walks every week and other events from time to time, and very much welcome new walkers joining us, and we do go out of our way to find places for new walkers on our walks, but we do ask you to get in touch first.  All the details of who we are, what we do, how we book onto walks, what to do if anything goes wrong etc can be obtained from Jane our group secretary.   For details of all aspects of our activities in general please click here.

If you are a new member and would like more information on membership in general please contact our Membership Secretary Dawn Sadler on 075 353 81263 or you can email to sanvicentedp@yahoo.co.uk 
Recent reports and pictures from our walks:

Past walks and events…


The great and the good of Peterborough Ramblers (plus the editor of this site) gathered for the AGM of the group on 25 November 2021. 

The fully illustrated minutes of the AGM are now available on this site.

Who we are, what we do and how to find us

If you would like to know who’s who in Peterborough Ramblers there are details of our officers for 2022 here.

Official documents are now here.

Aims of the Ramblers Association and other useful information

We always welcome commentaries and pictures on our walks from anyone who is on the walk.  Please email to Tony@schools.co.uk and please at the top of the email put as the subject line “Peterborough Ramblers Photos xxx” where xxx is the name of the walk.   And of course please add your name.

Peterborough Ramblers is a group of members of the Ramblers dedicated to exploring and walking the footpaths and by-ways from Oakham in the west to Wisbech in the east, from Bourne in the north to Hemingford Gray in the south.

We actively welcome non-members on our walks – of which there are between one and three arranged each week, both on weekdays and Sundays.

But please do note that our walks on Thursdays are between 4.5 miles and 5.5 miles, while the Sunday walks are between 6 miles and 9 miles.  You should ensure that you have an adequate level of fitness to tackle such a walk before joining one of our groups.

If you have not walked such distances before you will probably find it best to start with a Walking for Health Walk programme.

At present we do ask everyone who is wanting to join us on a walk to send a text message to say that you would like to join us. Simply text the leader of the walk with your name and the date of the walk that you would like to attend. The leader of each walk is shown on our Forthcoming Walks page

We do encourage non-members to take one or two walks with us to get the feel of what we do, before inviting you to join the Ramblers.

Joining the Ramblers is undertaken through the national website where you will find out much more about the activities of the Ramblers nationally.

Once you are a member of the Ramblers you will not only be able to continue walking with our group, but should you wish to, join in with any other local Ramblers group in the country.

What’s more you’ll also have access to the Ramblers vast index of walks which cover the whole country and can be downloaded so that you can plan your own afternoon out, wherever you are, and whenever you want.

On the site you can find….

From Peterborough Strollers to the Ramblers – a history

Contact details for this site

Club officers

If you have thoughts, ideas or pictures which could be added to this site, please do email me at Tony@schools.co.uk