The Hamerton Walk



By Tony Dalton
Sometimes walks are so fearsome and trecherous that only the bravest of the brave dare take them!
Thus it was that a small but select group of nine ramblers set off from Cottage Farm this afternoon. Although the weather forecasts on most media were very pessimistic, the Met Office remained upbeat for the walk and they proved to be correct.
One member turned up in his shorts
and two ladies were soon in T shirts,
the rest of the party taking off layers and complaining of the heat.
The going was fairly tough at times as our farmer host had decided to plough and cultivate most of cross field footpaths!!
However, the group cheerfully negotiated all that was placed in front
of them, including one ploughed section that was deemed as “good training “
This is a walk that will hopefully be repeated but a Spring date may well suit the terrain more favourably.
And in case you are interested in some more background Hamerton, is a village close to the wonderfully named Steeple Gidding.

Hamerton apparently does not have a parish council as on April Fools Day 2010 the parish of Hamerton was abolished to form “Hamerton and Steeple Gidding”.

As will be seen from this final picture, this is an area in which thatched cottages abound!


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