The walk from Lowick; 19 October 2023



A Ramble from Lowick pictures and commentary by Hilary Lewis

Storm Babet looked kindly upon the 15 Ramblers who assembled outside the Snooty Fox in Lowick for their customary Thursday afternoon walk, just reminding us of its beneficence later on with a sharp shower.

We started with the usual briefing by the walk leader, which was not unduly optimistic, but he led the group steadily uphill on a paved track initially, which didn’t seem too bad.

When we turned away onto a walking path, however, the prediction of “some mud” turned into “rather a lot of mud”.

The views across farmland around Aldwincle would have been very pleasant, had we not been concentrating hard on slipping and slithering along.

Some relief was found as we turned into the woodland that has several names – Oxen, Green Side and Titchmarsh, depending on the area you are traversing.

We eventually emerged from dodging low branches and keeping our feet and found ourselves just outside Sudborough, facing an interesting building that was circular and dated 1660. There was speculation that it might originally have been a toll house, and we hoped the name on the gate would confirm this; much to the amusement of all, the label read simply and aptly Round House.

The last part of the walk was characterised by a series of 6 stiles, which turned into only 5 thanks to the acuity of one of our walkers, who opened the gate beside one of them.

The stiles were negotiated in various ways, some more successful than others – no two were the same, so methods had to be adapted.

The walk leader was persuaded to demonstrate his approach… As we came to the end of the walk, most of us had managed to stamp or brush  most of the mud from our boots and all were cheered by the prospect of a hot drink when we got home.

Thanks to our splendid walk leader for introducing many of us to a new area, even though it might be better appreciated in dry weather! Full marks go to the whole group for staying upright and not being defeated by the stiles.


Editor’s Footnote: I really do welcome commentaries from walkers and walk leaders on the walks that are undertaken each week.  If you take a walk with the group, and can take some photographs and/or write a commentary, please do so and forward them to

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