Picture quiz: where were we when this was taken?

By Club members kind enough to send in photographs, and someone else.

From time to time I am sent just one or two pictures from a walk, and I have puzzled for a while as to how best to present them to the wide array of inquisitors pitching up on our website each day (5000 visits a month at the latest count).

And, I must sadly admit, sometimes I don’t make a proper note as to which walk each photo related to – which of course is entirely my fault, but I will ultimately blame someone else if I can think of a way of doing that.

So I have a collection of a few unpublished pictures from recent walks and to these I have added a few favourites.   If you would like to write in and tell me that a particular photo was one of yours, I will add your name to the appropriate “pic” (as us editors call them).   Otherwise the game is to recall where we were when each picture was taken.

Answers on an eggbox please to The Director of Certain Things, By the A1.

But now there is one problem here because although I have managed to get the whole set up working so that the pictures and the text appear next to each other on virtually all computers and phones, I can’t get the way in which the pictures and phones balance on a PC to be replicated on mobiles, so if reading on a phone, please stop, throw your phone away, go and buy  another one and then read this on a computer.

Alternatively, you might wish to continue without throwing your phone away since that is unenvironmental, but the chances are the commentary and the pictures will come in lumps (to use the technical phrase) each one disconnected from the other.  Which of course in reality they are.

And I must further admit that one of the pictures (we can have a quiz so you can guess which one) is not actually as matters stood (as it were) when the picture was taken but is the result of what we technical IT experts call jiggery pokery. 

Because of this you may need to lay down on your side to see it.  If however that is not an option you might care to turn your computer screen on its side.  Or your phone on its side, although some of  these phones are rather pesky objects and they have a will of their own, and so might then turn the picture back round, thus destroying the effect and your willpower.

Of course it is rather our good fortune that we do only walk in one hemisphere because otherwise we could have more of these  rather distressing sideways pictures each time we crossed the “great divide” between north and south.

As indeed some of the cows have discovered to their eternal discomfort.

Anyway, enough of this chit-chat I hear you cry (or rather I would if I were not sitting in front of my computer but out on a walk with you — except then I wouldn’t be writing) and back to the pictures.  So here we are.  Depending on the device you may have seen them all, or there could be some more below.

However such difficulties can be overcome by travelling to the equator where of course different parallelograms operate and everything will become clear, or not as the case might be.

Now I must admit I have of late been asked by fellow committee members to cut down on the technical talk in my photographic commentaries and so from here on in I shall refer to “animals” rather than refer to those creatures we pass by their zoological names of “sheep”, “cows” etc, in order to make my remarks less confusing.

And yes as you have already guessed that is a picture of your correspondent in the final picture.  As ever answers to The Editor, Peterborough Ramblers Website, Somewhere-by-the-trees.

Incidentally early editions of this piece contained a certain amount of repetition which has now been removed.

Or perhaps not.




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