The Nassington Walk December 2022

Photographs by Tom Dolby and Simon Bradford

Tony’s commentary:

This morning I wrote, “Normally if I am sent just one or two pictures I wait to see if I am sent a few more before putting them online.   But having been unable to walk for a while because of persistent cough and cold, I couldn’t resist putting these up on their own, as they are so stunning, completely capturing the essence of the areas in which we walk.  And I am hoping they might boost my immune system so I can get walking again.

“If there are other pictures from this walk forthcoming I’ll add them to this page in due course, but meanwhile do enjoy these two wonderful images.”

And then, would you believe it, two more pictures arrived, these from Simon Bradford.   So here they are, first Simon’s two and then Tom’s.

Quite why our reputable picture takers are limiting themselves to just two pictures each I have no idea – but then there is nothing unusual in that.  I think actually it is just to taunt me.




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