The great Lutton Walk, October 2023. Part 2

Illustrations by Jonathan Bridgland, commentary by Notter Klue.

Lutton has been mentioned upon this site before, as we have noted its past in reference to the Domesday book and for it being the final resting place of les landrovers anciennes as they say locally (what with them being mentioned in the Domesday Book which was written in foreign).

Indeed we had one such pictorial reminiscence in our last historical sojourn into this walk, but now more pictures from that day have emerged following the highly innovative approach of yours truly of turning the computer on and looking for them.

But as ever, the publication of such evidence is a matter of much editorial debate, for although this picture of two landrovers mating is of interest to mechanical biologists there is concern that it is not really the sort of thing we might expect to find on a serious site cataloging the history of Peterborough Ramblers, of whom it has been said.

But the picture was taken and who am I, your humble correspondent and editor, to edit out that with which I am supplied, as it were?

There were however pictures of the vicinity upon which the walk took place, and as can be seen, there was grass aplenty.  Also, you may perhaps not be aware that Lutton has a website called Lutton Warm Hub, which is put up by the local parish council, but of which I feel I should say no more, for fear of causing unnecessary alarm.

So instead you may see, there was grass, grass and after some careful investigation some more grass, and it was interesting in that it dulated and then undulated which made it suitable for the designation of “countryside”.

Now were I to be of rural origin, I would be able to tell you what trees these are, but sadly, I’m not so I can’t, but I am nevertheless pretty sure they are trees.

And yet even in the most pleasantly rural settings, there were surprises.  For, if these photographs are to be believed, our valiant team of walkers then emerged from the grassy estates of saplings, seedings, shrubs, and possibly timber, only to find that they were approaching a space port from whence valiant rats are shot off to the further galaxies in the hope of finding alien ramblers with whom we can exchange tales of woodland and forest, shrubs and bushes, Plantagenets and poltergeist…

Although I rather think I have just turned two pages of the encyclopedia at once.

But in my own defence I would say that there were markers left hither and yon which clearly showed that beings from another world were or perhaps are attempting to stay in touch with us.

For what else can explain this strange and alien statue which was spotted standing in isolation within a field?  For surely it says to us humans, “we are the pole beings from the planet of blue sideways triangles and resistence is useless” or words to that effect.

Sadly no other signs of the visitation of this ancient group were to be found but there was foresooth more still to be seen, including what I believe was one of the earliest attempts by humans to communicate back with the blue triangle people of outer space.

For along the way was found just such a sign – pointing to whereupon, being the intrepid investigator that I know you, dear reader, expect me to be, I ventured fifth (having already ventured forth but found it to be a dead end) and discovered the aliens’ notice telling us of their home planet.

It is, I have discovered the planet known as “Buythisdomain”.

So there we are.  On every walk whether we want it or not there is always adventure to be had and discoveries to be made.  It is perhaps a little to be regretted that members of the walk don’t forward me details of what they found en route (as we walkers say) and thus leave it to your humble correspondent to deduce what’s what from the pics, but that’s how it is.  I must however acknowledge the contribution of the two trees in the final photograph who were most helpful in providing background.  Or is that foreground?  I forget which.

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