The Uppingham Walk 10 August 2023

Pictures by Simon Bradford and Jim Hall.  Comments by Tony Attwood

Oh what a difference a few days make.  You may recall this picture with the dark threatening sky from our review of the Braunstone in Rutland walk (part 1) in which after a bright and sunny start the clouds loomed every darker (and then darker still).

But then nature turned upon itself (if such things are possible on 10 August as that was a particularly warm day.)

So warm that out popped the lamas (as last I think they are lamas – as I am fairly sure they are not wildebeest, and there are not too many other animals I know, what with my being a Londoner and still trying to acclimatise myself to country ways and the like).

And animals seemed to be a major part of this walk, as it is animals that make up the main part of the pictures that have been forwarded to me.

Sadly I wasn’t there as I’m still trying to nurse my back into full operation mode, and this was one of our longer walks, so it didn’t seem right for me to try and do it.  Which is a shame, but that’s how it goes.

So I would ask you on this occasion, dear fellow members of our ensemble, if you were there and could write some more informative notes about these pictures I would be grateful.  And indeed if you have any more pictures they are always welcome.   Email them to me at

What I have been able to find however a picture of Uppingham market square, a place I know from my days as an accordion player with Rutland Morris Men – of which perhaps we should say no more.

Uppingham was named “best place to live in the Midlands in 2022”.  The Times described it as a “a discerning market town with art, heart and smarts — plus the magnificent Rutland Water”.

But I am also fascinated by Uppingham Workhouse dating from 1777.   It was also used as a hospital during the first world war, and finally closed as a workhouse in 1929.

At that point the citizens of Uppingham then had something of a debate as to what the best used would be for a workhouse building, and I think it was with unanimous accalaim that is was felt at once that it was ideally placed to be a girls boarding house, and thus Uppingham School took it over.

They have used and run the ex-work house since then and for many years it has been known as “Constables” for reasons that will not become clear at this point.

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