Fotheringhay Walk April 2022

When a walk begins near a plaque that announces that “As recorded in the 13th century annals attributed to William Worcester, King Richard II and his brothers and sisters, William of York, Anne Duchess of Exeter and Margaret Duchess of Burgundy were born at Fotheringhay,” then we know we are in history countryside for sure.

And indeed the church which looks more like a cathedral certainly announces that this village had the most historic past.

And yet beyond that there was little that indicated this past.

Instead, it was a walk that took us through utterly beautiful countryside and thus I shall now endeavour at this point to shut up and let you enjoy the pictures.

Merely saying thank you once again to our photographers for their dedication in producing a record of where we have walked.

These pictures are from the walk on 21 April 2022.

Although there is one thing I would add, even though I have just said I won’t.  Please do continue down to the last picture.  That country house really does just sit in the midst of this open countryside.  I’ve no idea how old it is, but given that it was clearly built before the invention of the mechanical digger it must have taken a devil of a long time to complete.

Did the aristocrats of ancient days really draw up plans for family estates, knowing that they would pass away long before the building could be completed?

I imagine they must have done.

Anyway we are progressing through the walk at this point with what was for me at least the totally unexpected view of the “big house” yet to come…


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